Playing Catch Up

The last time I was blogging regularly was about 4 years ago when I was living in Thailand. I was 21, single, brave and a little reckless. And I think that’s exactly who I needed to be to do what God called me to in that season. I was working with a safe house to help get girls out of prostitution in the Red Light District in Phuket. Bangla Road. For such a dark and scary place, Bangla Road holds some of my most joy-filled memories. I don’t think I have ever lived with as much passion, courage and faith as I did those summers – dodging mafias, drug dealers and bar owners to hang out with girls most of the world had forgotten about or wanted nothing to do with. I was walking so confidently in what God had put before me that I literally laughed thinking about being “taken” or something bad happening to me there. He had my back. And I knew it. It’s so interesting how close to heaven I felt in that place. How intimately I knew and was known by God. I had literally nothing, but Him. And He was more than enough.


I had full intentions of moving back there for an indefinite amount of time. Why wouldn’t I? It was obvious that this is what I was meant to do. But as that last summer ended, so did the safe house. Not completely, but it wasn’t long after I left to go back home that everyone packed their bags and said bye to Thailand. So there I was. One semester left of school at Appalachian State, my dream to live and work in Thailand shattered.

So, what happened after that? Well, it’s been a little bit of a whirlwind to say the least. I started dating my husband one month later. Fast forward one year, and I was walking down the aisle. 6 months later – you guessed it, pregnant (on birth control, by the way). Now, I’m 25, living in North Carolina – a stay at home mom to the most wild and sweet 18 month old little girl (with another little girl on the way), and juggling 2 small part time jobs. So what now? Most days I still feel like I’m playing catch up. Trying to go back over the past few years and process everything that’s happened. Trying to let my mind and my heart catch up with my life.


So this blog is an effort to stop, I think. To slow down. To embrace each day. To own my calling as a wife and a mom. To live with passion and courage and faith. To see God’s power the same way here in North Carolina as I did in Thailand. To live with purpose and joy and excitement. To be a part of what God is doing always. No matter where and no matter when. And I hope if anyone read this, that it encourages you to do the same.


4 thoughts on “Playing Catch Up

  1. Kelly. I cannot amen this enough. I was JUST talking with Alex about how being a stay at home mom is HARD. It’s hard in the ways I expected it to be hard (toddler tantrums, constant cleaning, babies awake throughout the night…), but what’s getting me is that it’s hard in ways I WASN’T expecting. It’s hard knowing that God has given me gifts to use for the glory of His name and the advancement of His Kingdom… but not being able to use those gifts because a certain two-year old needs a nap, or a baby can’t be out in 90-degree weather for five straight hours. It’s hard to “humble” myself and accept that these gifts God has given me are HIS gifts to me – not the other way around. It’s hard, at times, to accept that these squishy, adorable, infuriating little bits of my own beating heart are the greatest gifts God has given me, and that mothering them well does glorify God. If that’s enough for God, it must be more than enough for me. They’ll grow up soon enough. At least that’s what I’ve been told… 😉

    I love your heart and seeing pictures of your family. I wish our families could hang out. Maybe God’s calling you to Japan????? Haha. I hope you get more long naps from your kids so you can keep the blog posts coming!


  2. Yes! It’s hard to not to feel like God is putting your life “on hold,” but instead to see motherhood as a calling & living the mom life with purpose and passion. I so wish we did not live on literal opposite sides of the world right now!! I need more people like you in my life!! Love ya’ll!


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