In honor of the March For Life, a picture of #myunintendedjoy. I got pregnant right after I got married at 22 years old. We were living in a 600 sq ft apartment, both with hourly paid jobs and no savings account. I have no idea when we will fully recover from the debt of that season, but every penny spent and every sacrifice made was completely worth it to have the HONOR of carrying this little girl, birthing her and raising her. She is so full of life and joy, and the world has been a better place for the 2 years that she’s been in it. She didn’t come when I planned her, when I could afford her or when it was most convenient. She came on the day ordained for her before the beginning of time by her Creator. And it was perfect timing. Eliza Rain, you will always be my treasure. The baby girl who changed everything about me. The one who made me a mother. I march in spirit today with the hundreds of thousands in DC to fight for the right to life. The right for the weakest and most innocent of us to be cared for and valued. To empower young mothers, scared, abused, alone, to experience the joy of motherhood and the honor of being entrusted with life. This ability we have to carry these miracles within our very own bodies is at the core of what makes us women. Especially those unplanned, surprise miracles. The ones heaven knew we needed. This is an issue of humanity. Preserving the spontaneous, unpredictable, nature of life. Enduring the hard parts, and celebrating the good parts. #whywemarch